NYCTrainSign API

This site is a reverse engineered version of the control panel behind the now defunct NYCTrainSign. It is not run by the original NYCTrainSign company nor does it have anything to do with the original NYCTrainSign company.

Follow the instructions below to connect your sign to the API. Once you have a claim code, use the button below to claim your sign and get the control panel link.

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Connecting Your Sign

Follow the link below for instructions on connecting your NYCTrainSign to this API.

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How This Works

In 2022 I purchased the domain that served the API for NYCTrainSign. I reverse engineered the API and developed an exploit that jailbreaks the sign so that people could control their signs again.

For more details about how I got sign and how everything works read my blog post.

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Open Source

The code behind the API as well as the exploit are open source.

If you are curious about the code that powered the original NYCTrainSign I have also published it.

Github Repo »